xanax addiction

Xanax is a drug that is the most prescribed medicine in the United States. It is one of the topmost drugs that is involved in issues like – drug addiction. Xanax is taken to give relief to patients who are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Although there are people who misuse this drug by practicing it on a regular basis and without any prescription, doctor’s advice is a must before the intake. 

If someone is addicted to the use of Xanax, he/she should get consulted by a doctor or a physician so that the recovery can be done on time. Xanax addiction can cause severe problems in a patient’s internal system. It will be better if you take the drug along with its prescription or buy the drug along with its prescribed dose. 

Is Xanax Addictive in nature?

Many patients have this question – “Is Xanax Addictive” or is the drug harmful in the long run. To this, we answer by saying – the nature of the drug is not addictive. However, patients if using it for a long time then it might create certain that the body is used to of absorbing the content of the drug. When you take a drug for treatment, your body starts reacting to it, and on a regular dose, it develops a habit of receiving those content or chemicals in the body. When a person stops taking that chemical, the body will react, and there will be withdrawal symptoms of the drug. 

Xanax releases as well as receive a large amount of dopamine that is a neurotransmitter. It controls the part of the brain that is held for pleasure and rewards. When you take Xanax, it decreases the count of GABA inside the brain. It further defines that there will be fewer barriers between dopamine receptors and producers. The brain starts receiving more dopamine when there is an increase in the level of happiness or feeling of pleasure. In the same way, there will be a decrease in dopamine when the person feels anxiety or any other negative mental issue.  This increase or decrease in the dopamine level may cause a euphoric feeling in patients. This effect of the drug may seek out when a person misuses the drug.

What symptoms may occur when a person gets addicted to Xanax?

It is important to recognize Xanax addiction at the right time so that the symptoms may not get worse. It is vital to start the treatment as soon as it is observed that the symptoms are characterized as Xanax addiction. The addiction to this drug can be serious and may also affect a person’s mood or behavior. 

Below are listed the common traits of Xanax addiction –

  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty in speech
  • Seizures
  • Dry mouth
  • Agitation
  • Feeling depressed
  • Dizziness
  • Tremors
  • Fluttering of the heartbeats

Xanax addiction cannot be cured to its fullest. It is advisable to always take Xanax as per the prescription and not in a way to misuse it. Treatment for Xanax addiction can only make the behavior of the person return to its normalcy.