side effects of xanax

The side effects of Xanax are often observed at the start of taking the drug for anxiety. It may disappear upon the continued usage of the medication. Along with the effect that is needed from Xanax, it can also cause some unwanted effects that can be harmful to your health. Although it is not possible that the side effects of Xanax can occur in every other person who is taking the drug, but it will be best if you take these into notice before using the drug. 

Below are mentioned some of the common side effects of Xanax –

  •   Forgetting things
  •   Change in the speech (slurred speech)
  •   Problem in coordination
  •   Drowsiness
  •   Lack of appetite
  •   Feeling relaxed and calm
  •   Feeling lightheaded
  •   Feeling clumsy and uneasy
  •   Tiredness
  •   Trouble in falling asleep

These were some of the widely known side effects of Xanax. Apart from these, there are other side effects of Xanax that are less commonly known by the people but do occur at times. These can also be stated as rare side effects of Xanax –

  •   Blurred vision
  •   Pain in the abdominal part
  •   Sudden change in behavior
  •   Getting chills
  •   Confusion in the mind
  •   Difficulty in breathing
  •   Muscle aches
  •   Difficulty while moving
  •   Nausea
  •   Having fear or nervousness
  •   Feeling of discomfort
  •   Pain in the joints
  •   Tightness in the chest
  •   Fast or irregular heartbeats
  •   Feeling jittery
  •   Loss of hearing
  •   Numbness of the body parts
  •   Decreased awareness
  •   Getting nightmares
  •   Twitching or uncontrolled movements 
  •   Swelling up of lips or tongue
  •   Yellowish eyes or the pupil
  •   Actions that are uncontrolled

These were the side effects that can be seen once a patient has started the use of Xanax. It is suggested that the patients should take Xanax dose only after consulting it with the doctor. Taking a dose on your own may result in various adverse effects that can lead to risk for life. 

Dosage of Xanax: 

Patients who want to be treated with anxiety should start the dose of Xanax with a minimum volume. For example – start with an initial dose of 0.25mg or 0.5mg Xanax and take it three times a day after consulting it with your doctor. Treatment of a panic disorder in patients requires a dose of more than 4mg a day. Xanax when interacting with alcohol, it will make the person feel more dizzy and sleepy. Not just alcohol but also other sedatives, narcotic medicines, muscle relaxers, or any antibiotic when came in contact with Xanax, can cause severe problems. You should inform your doctor if you have been taking any medication from before or dietary supplements as well. 

Consumption of alcohol should immediately be stopped as you start taking the drug. Xanax falls under the Benzodiazepines that can cause fetal abnormalities. Hence, women who are pregnant are advised not to use this drug. Xanax is also tested to be excreted in human milk; mothers who are breastfeeding also avoid the use of it for the child’s healthy growth. 

Xanax Abuse: 

As we know by now, that is used for treating symptoms of anxiety and panic attack related disorders. People have been making the wrong use of the drug by taking it without even giving a second thought to its content and the side effects that may occur. This is strictly mentioned at every platform that Xanax is a prescription drug and should only be taken as per the doctor’s advice. Taking this drug without a prescription can result in life-threatening aftereffects.

There are many people in the United States who have been taking this drug for symptoms that are not even related to anxiety. This can be a reason that people start the use of Xanax and get addicted to it because it was not prescribed to them. When you are taking a drug, there can are chances that you’ll get addicted to it. Xanax is Benzodiazepine that is quite effective and takes less than 30 minutes to show its effect on the body.