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We pay special attention to timely product delivery. We deliver our products through shared networking with FedEx, USPS & DHL Services, etc., to deliver your medicines overnight. Under the shipping policy, we inform our clients about essential shipping details, including available shipping options, shipping method, total duration, limitations, and shipping quantity.

Shipping Policy Of Xanax stores

Shipping Options: We provide three types of options: standard, express, and overnight. You can select any of these options based on your needs. If you have an emergency, you can choose overnight shipping to deliver your product within 24 hours. We take 2 days in express shipping and 4 to 5 days in the case of standard shipping.

Time Duration: The standard shipping time is 48 hours, depending on the destination. We do not deliver the product on government holidays or Sundays. If there is any delay in the delivery, we will arrange for a re-shipment of the product or initiate a total refund in your bank account.

Payment Information: We accept Mastercard, bank transfers, and American Express. You can choose from many options according to your convenience.

Return Policy: If you receive a damaged product, you can return it within seven working days. However, we rarely deliver a product that is damaged.

Shipping Promotion: We provide special shipping discounts and free shipping offers as part of our marketing strategy from time to time. You must subscribe to our mailing list on the site to receive notifications about any currently running promotions.

Response: If you get stuck while placing your order, our experts will answer your questions within 24 hours. You can also contact us if your package does not arrive within the estimated delivery time.

Confirmation email: We will send you a shipment confirmation email with a tracking ID after processing your order.